Support Our Troops

Support Our TroopsBeing a veteran owned business, Caddy Clipz, Inc. understands how demanding a tour of duty or deployment is on the soldier and their family. Caddy Clipz, Inc. is dedicated to supporting members of the military and their family in these times of turmoil.

When you purchase a Caddy Clipz product or Caddy Clipz Care Package, 5% of all profit per sale goes towards the Wounded Warrior Project to support a military member and their family. Visit Wounded Warrior Project for more information.


Show your support by sending a Caddy Clipz Care Package! You can help support our troops by sending a known soldier or an anonymous soldier a Caddy Clipz Care Package. Your Caddy Clipz Care Package, valued at $120.00, is filled with Caddy Clipz, Inc. products, non-perishable items, personal care items, entertainment items, and your personal message. Caddy Clipz, Inc. will send a Caddy Clipz Care Package to your Soldier or an anonymous Soldier for only $65.00 (shipping Included). Your Caddy Clipz Care Package will include the following items.

  • Two (2) Caddy Clipz® Accessories of various colors
  • Two (2) Port & Company® Cinch Bags with the Caddy Clipz Logo
  • Two (2) ChapStick ® tubes of various flavors
  • Two (2) 2.5 oz. packages of Beef Jerky
  • Two (2) DVD movies of various titles (Rated G, PG, or PG-13)
  • Two (2) Travel Size bottles of hand sanitizer
  • One (1) Variety bag of various hard candies and chewing gum
  • One (1) Thank you Card

If you would like to send a Caddy Clipz Care Package to an Active Duty Military Member serving in any branch of the Armed Forces, select one of the choices below.

Known Soldier Caddy Clipz Care Package - $65

Includes everything show above and FREE SHIPPING!

FPO/APO Mailing Address
Message for Service Member

Anonymous Soldier Caddy Clipz Care Package - $65

Includes everything show above and FREE SHIPPING!

Message for Service Member