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On the contrary....

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This past weekend, I experienced something for the first time. I have learned that golf is the only sport with the ability to spark in its fans a lifelong passion! Unlike football, baseball, and other competitive sports, golf enthusiasts continue to play the game well into old age. As my Fiancé and I waited for our delayed tee time to start on an unusually frosty Sunday morning, I had the chance to stand by and listen to a few conversations between some truly seasoned golfers.

It’s true! Kids love golf!

Written by Mary-Rene on .

Golf is no longer the “old men’s” sport that it was once perceived to be. I started playing golf about 2 years ago and, having never partaken in the sport, I was truly surprised to see so many young people on the course upon arrival to my first game! It was exciting to see so many young people swinging and putting with smiles on their faces. From kids whose golf bags are bigger than they are to teens checking text messages on the practice putting green, golf seems to truly be a sport for every age level.