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Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory...Sold!

Written by Mary-Rene on .

What makes you want to purchase a new product; something that you have never tried before? Is it usefulness or relevance to your life? Is it the promises that the packaging makes? Is it the look and style of that packaging? Is it practicality? Is the price tag a large factor? What actually makes you take that package off the shelf and take it to the register; confident that you will be satisfied with this new venture?

All of those factors influence my thoughts on purchasing a product. And I must say that honestly, even if I had never heard of the Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory before, I would be intrigued by this product. I love to play golf, so I know it would be relevant to my hobby. The packaging is sharp and eye catching. The price is reasonable for what I would expect to spend on any product related to golf.

I am a sucker for product promises. If a product claims to be the best and work the best, and it looks like it could be the best, I will give it a try. The Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory package clearly states and shows what the Caddy Clipz golf accessory does. The user clips the Caddy Clipz onto their belt or pants with an easy-to-use paddle-style belt clip. The golfer uses the Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory to hold a putter club while wedging, and then hold the wedge while putting. The Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory rotates 360 degrees to allow the user to bend and move. That adjustable feature also works so that the Caddy Clipz and the club will not interfere with walking.

Caddy Clipz clearly advertises the following to help improve my golfing experience; less bending, less chance of a club being left behind, less stress, increased pace of play, and increased enjoyment of my golf game. Made by a golfer for golfers. Sold! What golfer would not want to try the Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory? 

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