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New Year, New Game

Written by Mary-Rene on .

Welcome to 2015! A new year normally makes people feel good about making new starts.  A new year gives you a chance to start over with your golf game. Forget about all the double bogeys, the sand traps, and the water hazards that got you stuck in your 2014 game. Now is your chance to wipe the score card clean and start fresh on the course. Try something new to refresh your game and make it feel different in a good way.


Think about trying a new driver to see if that will improve your distance at the tee box. Consider getting yourself a new golf bag that may help you feel more organized during your game. Contemplate researching and trying some brands of golf balls you have never used before to see if those different divots really do make a difference. You could also consider trying a new and innovative golf accessory that could increase your pace of play and eliminate the chances of you leaving golf clubs behind…you could try using Caddy Clipz!

Caddy Clipz is a new golf accessory that is worn on the golfer’s waistline, much like a cell phone clip. When you are near the green, you can snap your putter into your Caddy Clipz while you are using your wedge to chip up onto the green. Once you are on the green, take your putter out of the Caddy Clipz and replace it with your wedge so you are ready to putt. Keeping your clubs easily accessible by your side eliminates the chance for you to leave a club behind. It also reduces the time you spend walking back and forth to your bag and reduces your bending over to pick up clubs off the ground which will increase your pace of play.

Welcome to the New Year, and embrace the chance to start your golf game over with a clean slate. Try something new to inspire yourself to play smarter and have more fun on the course. This is your year, make it a hole in one!

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