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Caddy Clipz - Improving Pace of Play

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Golf is a leisure sport that takes time to play. Most people plan on four to five hours for a game, including lunch at the club house. You need to take your time focusing on the set up of your drive, time to choose your drives down the fairway, and time to line up your putts once you are on the green. Although, some holes take longer than others, balls get lost, hazards get contended with, and clubs get left behind, tee times are set with the intention that groups will not have to wait on one another. There is not much help for lost balls and sand traps. For lost clubs and pace of play, there is the Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory!

The Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory helps you keep the place of play by holding your club on your waist for you when you need it. When you are near the green and need to chip up from the fringe, clip your putter into the Caddy Clipz so it is ready for use when you get to the green. Once on the green, change your putter out for your wedge. This keeps your wedge on your side while putting instead of throwing it on the ground where you will have to search for it after putting, or where you could possibly forget it and leave it behind.

The Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory helps keep the pace of play by reducing your time waking back and forth you your bag; keeping your needed clubs where you need them right when you need them. When your clubs are always by your side you don’t have to walk around the green looking for them, and you will never leave a club behind! You will love Caddy Clipz, and everyone else on the course will love you for keeping the pace of play, making the game of golf more enjoyable.

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