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No Putter Left Behind

Written by Mary-Rene on .

You’re golfing with your friends and having a great time. The weather is perfect and you are hitting well. You’re close to the green now after hitting good enough to score par or a possible birdie on this hole. You set your putter down on the ground behind you as you chip up onto the green. Your pressure is perfect, it rolls…low and behold you sink it! A birdie! You are excited and your friends are too, cheering and high-fiving. You mark your score, wait for the others to finish, and then go back to the cart moving forward with the game.

There is still talk about your birdie as you tee off and the carts travel down the fairway toward the next green. You are getting ready to chip up and putt, but as you grab for your wedge and putter, your putter is nowhere to be found. Where is it? You inventory your clubs again to find it still missing. You ask your friends if they took it as a gag to retaliate against your birdie on the last hole. Oh no…the last hole!

In all your excitement you left your putter lying in the rough by the last green. Your group is ready to putt, but you have to drive back to the last hole. There is a group on that fairway so you have to wait for them to stop swinging so you can run to the fringe and pick up your putter. You are holding up your game, holding up this group’s game and shortening the time between their round and your round. Now the group behind you will have a longer wait for your group. How frustrating and embarrassing. This would never have happened if you owned a Caddy Clipz golf accessory!

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