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I Stand Corrected

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I was reading back through my blogs and had to chuckle at the title, “Rain is not a Golfer’s Best Friend.” I chuckled because I wrote that blog before I witnessed a golf tournament being played in the pouring rain. After witnessing that, I would change the title of my previous blog to something along the lines of “rain is not my best friend when I am golfing.” 


The tournament I am referring to was held several weeks ago to help raise money for a local high school’s athletics program. Caddy Clipz was setting up our tent near the putting green by 8am; even then, the weather did not look promising. Golfers started showing up around 9am and they kept on coming. Almost 200 golfers signed up and were ready to play. The rain began around 10am and did not stop. It let up once in a while to a drizzle, but it was pretty much a steady rain until 3pm. The golfers I saw on the course honestly amazed me.

Some golfers were 100% prepared for this weather. They were wearing full-on rain suits including head gear and rubber boots. They had tarps designed to cover their clubs and bags and umbrellas to hold while they were waiting to tee off. They had multiple towels wrapped in plastic bags for wiping the golf cart seats and for drying their hands. These golfers had watched the weather so they would be prepared and on their game.

Some golfers had a rain jacket or poncho on, an umbrella to hold, a garbage bag covering their clubs, and an extra golf towel or two inside the cart.  These golfers had heard about the high chance of rain but weren’t too worried about it. They made do with what they had and played along just fine.

Other golfers were in the normal golf garb of shorts, polo and golf shoes. They were soaked to the bone and didn’t seem to think anything of it. Like the rest of the golfers, they swung, chipped, cheered, laughed and splashed through the enormous puddles on the cart paths. But, they were a heck of a lot wetter than the rest.

These 200 golfers played in the pouring rain without batting an eyelash. They tried their hardest just the same as if the sun had been shining. I am sure they all played the tournament through with the goal of helping out the high school’s athletics program. I have to think that they just didn’t mind playing in the rain. They love the game so much that they take “rain or shine” literally. I do love golf, but I may not be addicted enough to play in the pouring rain just yet.

Rain, rain go away, if you don’t some still will play!

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