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Take Time to Make Time

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Golf will always take time no matter what your level of experience is. If you want to be a golfer, you have to commit yourself to the idea, to playing and to continuously learning.

Golf takes time to make time. I love to play golf. I would play every day if I could. But as it turns out, I normally get to play only once or twice a month. I work full time Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm, and the weekends are normally filled with juggling chores, obligations, appointments, and wanting to relax with my family. I don’t always have the time to play golf, but usually about twice a month I take time to make time. I pick a weekend morning or an evening after work to get in at least nine holes.


Golf takes time to play. You will probably never hear anyone say “I’m going out for a quick game of golf” because it can’t really happen. Even if you plan to play 9 holes, that is a commitment of at least 2 hours of your time. Could you rush and play nine faster? Yes. Should you? Not if you love the game, cherish that time you have carved out for the game, and value the money you spend to play. If you take the time, you need to enjoy that time.

Golf takes time to learn. I have to remind myself of that every time I play. I normally find myself getting frustrated after earning double bogey or losing a few balls in a lake. Then I have to think that as with anything, the more you do it the better you get. In those bogey moments, I need to remind myself that if I can’t make time or take time to play more, I won’t get better. But I do learn at least one new thing every time I play; whether it’s distributing my weight differently, aiming my putt a little better, or trying a different tee. I learn in every game, as I believe most golfers do.

Golf takes time to make time, golf takes time to play, and golf takes time to learn. Golf is a commitment, not just a game. If anyone would disagree, I would love to hear your viewpoint!

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