Meet your Caddy Clipz Team

David Fowler, President  CEO President / CEO
David Fowler

David Fowler started Caddy Clipz, Inc. in 2012 after an innovative idea that he had while playing golf. He created a unique golf accessory that changed the way he carried and safeguarded his wedge and putter golf clubs while he was near and on the green. What he created was the Caddy Clipz.

This wonderful accessory allows him to safely and conveniently carry his wedge and putter clubs without the hassel or worry of wet grips, muscle strain, bending, or lost clubs. With the Caddy Clipz on his side, his golf game has drastically improved on many levels.

He proudly serves his country as a leader in the US Navy . He was deployed to Djibouti, Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa. Throughout his naval career, he has developed essential skills and training in the Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, and Information Technology fields.

He also served the State of Florida, Saint Johns County, and community as a Senior Deputy Sheriff for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. He excelled as an Explorer Post 911 Program Coordinator, Youth Resource Officer, and a Patrol Deputy. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Public Administration from Flagler College in 2007. His degree and strong work ethics has enhanced his skills in business management and administration. He is an enthusiastic professional that is intellectual, career oriented, and goal driven. He is business minded with a philanthropic philosophy. Besides his passion for entrepreneurialism, he is passionate about family, travel, and golf.

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Mary Rene Ahern Marketing and Advertising DirectorMarketing/Advertising Director
Mary-Rene Ahern

Mary-Rene Ahern was appointed Marketing Director shortly after Caddy Clipz, Inc. was founded. As a novice golfer, she immediately experienced the great purpose and value in the Caddy Clipz.

Mary-Rene obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business and Marketing with honors from the University of Phoenix in 2012. Her degree has sharpened her skills in business and management. Earning her degree has also increased her knowledge and drive to be creative in the field of marketing. In supervising sales and accounts over the Civilian Sales Division and moving to the Georgia Law Enforcement Sales Division at DGG Taser and Tactical Supply, she has mastered the field of sales and customer service. Her skills in marketing and advertising have played a valued role within the company.

Mary-Rene is a business professional who enjoys working with people and the joy of creativity in the marketing field.  Besides her enthusiastic creativity in marketing for Caddy Clipz, Inc., Mary-Rene enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, and golf.

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Massachusetts Independent Sales RepresentativeDavid Azevedo        David Azevedo

David was appointed Massachusetts' Independent Sales Representative in 2014. David also works as a sales and technical support manager for a leading instrumentation manufacture to the plastics industry.

With skills acquired over the last twenty years in wholesale and distribution management, David has the proven business acumen that has made him a valuable asset to the company. David also employs excellent networking skills that were perfected in part by maintaining a support network for actual end users while sustaining account relationships on a global level. David is a well-rounded business professional with proven leadership skills as a manager.

David was first introduced to the game of golf at the age of 10. He enjoyed spending time with his father on the course. He was proud to carry his father's clubs and explore the game. As an avid golfer, David immediately saw the value and benefits that the Caddy Clipz golf Accessory had to offer on the golf course. David enjoys playing golf, fishing, writing, and creating music. He and his wife also enjoy spending time with family.

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Florida Independent Sales RepresentativeDeana Hooper                  Deana Hooper

Deana Hooper was appointed Floridas' Independent Sales Representative in 2014. When Deana was introduced to the Caddy Clilpz Golf Accessory, she was immediately impressed. Deana's passion grew into a desire to be part of the Caddy Clipz Team. With undivided attentioon and devotion, Deana is committed to the Caddy Clipz, Inc. mission to provide our customers with unique, high quality and effective golf accessory products that make the game of golf more enjoyable for all who play.

Deana has worked in patient coordination and customer service for a successful doctor's office for twenty- four years. Deana'a proven dedication and loyalty sets her above most. Her skills in sales, problem resolution, organization, customer service, networking, and follow through are attributes that make her a successful part of the Caddy Clipz Team. 

Deana enjoys playing golf, new technology, promoting the Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory, running, volleyball, football, and volunteering in the community. She  also enjoy spending time with her son, Bailey.

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