Caddy Clipz Story

In 2012, a couple of my friends and I decided to play a round of golf. Our journey began well. By the 11th hole, I started to feel a discomfort in the back of my right leg and lower back. After teeing off of the 12th hole, a 397 yard par four hole, my ball landed in the fairway. After a couple fairway drives, I reached the outer edge of the green. We played to the point that we could no longer use the golf cart. So, I parked it on the cart path adjacent to the green. I reached into my golf bag to grab a wedge and the putter. I set my putter on the ground to use the wedge. After chipping the golf ball onto the green, I bent down to retrieve my putter from the ground. Again, I felt the discomfort in the back of my right leg and lower back. I realized that it was due to bending over to retrieve my golf clubs from the ground. Was I feeling the effects of getting older? Should I continue the game or end it there? By the persuasion from my friends, I continued to play. My score was drastically affected by my pain and discomfort.

On the 16th hole, I drove the golf ball straight down the fairway. It landed in the fairway close on the edge of the green. I was excited to be so close to the green on my first drive. When I reached the outer edge of the green, I found myself in a position for a Birdie. I reached into my golf bag to grab a wedge and the putter. I approached my golf ball lying on the edge of the green. I set my putter on the ground, as I always do, to use the wedge. After chipping the golf ball onto the cup, an overwhelming sensation of excitement filled my body. What a great feeling to make a birdie! I retrieved my golf ball from the cup. My friends continued their game as I tended to the flag. I was still ecstatic when everyone finished that hole. We proceeded to the 17th hole.

While on the 17th hole, we soon reached the area of the green. While reaching for my wedge and putter, I realized that I had left my wedge on the 16th hole. I was instantly frustrated and worried. I was worried because this was not the first time that I left my club behind. Also, I knew that I had to interrupt our game, take time to return to the 16th hole green, interrupt other players’ game to find my wedge. I was also worried that someone may have found the club before I realized it was missing and decided to keep the $200 club. I have lost a couple clubs in the past by leaving them on previously played holes. What an expensive nightmare! Once I returned to the 16th green, I found my wedge. It was a relief that it was still there. I returned to the 17th hole where my friends were waiting. I found it difficult to recover from the unfortunate event. As a result, my game and mood shifted from ecstatic to disappointment. My score reflected the shift in events as well.

I was determined to find a golf accessory that would allow me to: 1) preserve my health by reducing the amount of times I had to bend over to retrieve my clubs from the ground, 2) safeguard my expensive golf clubs from becoming lost or stolen, and 3) decrease the amount of time wasted in retrieving golf clubs from the ground or retrieving forgotten golf clubs on previous played holes. I searched the internet, golf pro-shops, and department stores for a product solution. I exhausted all avenues of the search and found that there was no product on the market that resolved these issues. I was determined to create a product that would resolve these issues to improve the quality of the game. What I created was the Caddy Clipz!