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The Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory is an ingenious device that holds your wedge or putter where you'll never forget it - right on your waist

Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory puts an end to lost clubs, wet grips, and slow pace of play!

Have you ever reached into your bag for a wedge, then realized that you left it by the green on the last hole? Ok, I'm counting 95% of you. For the other 5%, it's just a matter of time. It happens to every golfer.

Think of all the times that you have had to bend over to retrieve your club from the ground during a normal round of golf. I'm thinking at least 36 times! This could cause back fatigue or strain.

What about all the times that you have had to walk across the green to retrieve your club after you finish the hole. More times than you want to mention? This slows your pace of play! 

How about all the times that your grip becomes wet with dew or rain. What a disappointment! 

The Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory eliminates all those hassles!

Works for right-handed or left-handed golfers.
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Here are some testimonials from our Caddy Clipz Customers -

"I was playing golf with some friends last year. I was using my Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory but, my friend did not have one. We were on the 9th hole when a golf cart appeared from behind us. The driver of the golf cart was holding a wedge up in the air. He asked us if we had left a club on the last hole. When my friend looked in his bag, he realized that he was the one that left the club behind. We laughed as the driver gave him his golf club. I looked at him with a smile and said, 'If you had a Caddy Clipz, that would not happen'." Ron Allsop

"I use my Caddy Clipz when I play and found it to be most helpfull when it comes to reuducing the stress of forgetting costly clubs behind. As I pay good money for my wedges (Titleist), the fear of leaving one behind has been put to rest while using my Caddy Clipz. The fit and finish are top notch and it has cought the eye of several other golfers on the course. I plan to give them as gifts for my friends this year and have ordered a pink one for my daughter." N.D.

"I really like your product innovation, and also what you contribute to promoting golf with young players. Well done!" Jim Lawrence

"I want to thank you for your generosity and commitment to satisfying your customers. I will continue to shop with Caddy Clipz and publicize to my fellow golfers - your hats and visors will also get the name out." A. Patel 

"I've used the Caddy Clipz and love it. I found myself without it and that's when I realized just how much. A+++" L. Latner

"Good product as it gives the golfer a chance to keep ahold of the extra club they might bring to the approach or chip shot...I sure see its value on rainy days!" P. O'Hara


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